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This business is built off of the relationships we have with our clients - this sounds a bit cliche, and it might just be that, but it is true. I believe that creating a trusting environment for my clients will help them make the right decisions that is best for their companies. Earning my clients trust, it will keep them coming back and offer repeat business. I recongize the world is changing all around us every day. I have come to understanding that technology will play a major part in our lives and change the landscape for many things. I work with clients to ensure there business can withstand the change and evolution of how a business operates in the 21st century. Billions of transactions are performed online daily, while millions of people shop online and approximately 70% of them, shop from thier smart phones.

In today's world, repeat business is crucial to the sustainability for any business, not just ours. I don't offer scripts and sales pitches that makes me sound like T1000 from the future "COME WITH ME IF YOU WANT TO DESIGN YOUR WEBSITE". This may sound like a cool tag line, but it is generic and has no true value. At MEB Creativ, I am not a robot who push out designs 24/7. I am a real person who will try my best to understand my client's business no matter the industry. I work WITH my clients to create a complete brand identity for their business. I take pride in in helping my clients discover or rediscover what there buisness is all about. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach me, I am the founder, Robert Beauchamp at Robert@mebcreativ.com. I would love to hear from you.


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Core VaLues

Values that we stand by


PracticeBeing Kind
to others.


Embrance Change


Creative fun wherever
you are.


Be adventurous, creative, and keep an open mind


Always want to grow and learn.


Keep an open and honest line of communication


Keep a positive spirit at all cost


Pass on your knowledge to others


Practice building a solution for every problem and not a problem for every solution


Be humble and never forget your beginnings

Meet the founder

It's all about the people

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Robert Beauchamp

Founder / CEO

Robert didn't go school for programming or computer science. In fact, he studied law enforcement. He is a self taught developer who values the power of learning.

Favorite movies are Top Gun, Bloodsport, The Breakfast Club

Hobbies include anything basketball related, creating new things, being a father to princesses

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Head of Personel

Jess has always been great at bringing people together in any setting. Her years spent managing the business for multiple companies makes her the perfect person to help lead projects.

Favorite Movies are P.S. I Love You, 50 First Dates, Avatar

Hobbies include being a soccer mom, baking fancy cakes and treats, taking the scenic route on long drives