E-Commerce has become the best way to sell products. We offer great e-commerce solutions that are easy to use and manage inventory without breaking a sweat. No matter if a tech nerd like us or not, the solutions we provide will help you manage your store from anywhere. We use E-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, and Webflow.

Tools we use

  • Woocommerce
  • Webflow

E-Commerce Starter Package (Website + E-Commerce)

With the starter package, we will build your website and set up your e-commerce. We will use a customized WordPress or Webflow template. Each template will be customized to fit your business needs, attract your target audience, and get you started to sell online.

- Customized WP Theme | Webflow Theme - 25 Products Added - WooCommerce - Custom Shipping Plugin - 1 Hour Brainstorm via Video Call - Mobile Responsive - Social Media Integration - 4 Custom Icons - Google Maps - Mailing List Plugin - Contact Form - Photo Sourcing - Google Analytics - 2 Social Sharing Templates - 404 Redirect - XML Sitemap - 3 Rounds of Revisions

E-Commerce Basic Package (Website + E-Commerce)

With the basic package, we will help you get started with your e-commerce. The basic package is for brands that only have a few products to sell and possible expand at a later date. We will create a customized WordPress or Webflow template.

- Wordpress | Webflow Template - 10 Products Added - Woocommerce (WordPress) - Customization Of Theme - Mobile Responsive Design - Social Media Intergration - Google Maps - Mailing List Plugin - Contact Form - Photo Sourcing - 2 Rounds of Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently answered e-commerce questions.

Do you work with smaller businesses/individuals?

We work with all businesses and idividuals. Whether you are a one man / woman show or you operate a mulit million business, we will provide the same great service.

Do you build e-commerce's on platforms other than Webflow or WordPress?

We will work on all platforms that our clients prefer. We as a company feel that woo-commerce built on WordPress and the Webflow e-comm platform operates more smoothly and effieciently. However, if you prefer Shopify or Squarespace, we will gladly work with you to build your website and e-commerce on the platform of your choice.

What payment types are accepted with your service?

Both Webflow and WordPress uses Stripe to accept all major credit cards, American Express, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Do you provide SEO services with any of the packages?

SEO is a separate service completely which requires more dedicated time and strategy.

Is there a maximum number of products that can be added?

Although there is no maximum number of products that can be added, just know, that as the products increase, the more time it will take deploy.

If I start off with 10 products and later decide to add 25 or more, will I have to pay for the starter plan?

No, instead you will pay the difference between the plans, or be billed hourly for the time it would take to load in the additional products.

Do you provide shipping services?

No, however, if there a preferred shipping provider, we will do our best to intergate their API with your website.

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