AWICS is a security and protective service company that has been providing asset protection and training of future security officers for over two decades. With their level of expertise, AWICS has been able to not only keep property and individuals safe, but ensure that the generations to come understand the importance of asset protection. AWICS Security and Protection Services are sought out by clients from coast to coast, the results being, protection is provided to clients nationwide. MEB Creativ's mission? help AWICS become the brand that it deserves, increase brand recognition, increase sales, all without alienating their existing clients of the past 20 years. My approach needed to be comprehensive and cohesive,web strategy that attracts new clients by creating a great online experience.


Clarify the brand’s positioning and the customers they serve.


MEB Creativ helped AWICS Security & Investigations focus on its brand and web strategy. With a rebranded website that defines their goals and services, we hope to see an increase in online inquiries and sales.

Protection. Training. Experience

- Messaging
- Branding
- E-Commerce
- Identity System Design
- Search Engine Optimization
- Web Design and Development

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